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2 Essential Cyber Scans Included Dark Web Scan After an organization experiences a breach, stolen logins and passwords are typically sold on the "dark web," an anonymous part of the Internet. We work with a group that buys these stolen credentials. Then, we check email addresses or domains to determine if they were part of a breach and gather relevant information. Firewall Scan The office's internet connection links the secure internal network to the potentially insecure outside world, with the gateway being a critical component. Hackers frequently probe these gateways for vulnerabilities they can exploit to breach the network. Conducting a firewall scan mimics hackers' tactics, revealing your internet connection's vulnerability and assessing your exposure to potential threats. Scan QR code to schedule your Cyber scan! After we pull together the results of our research, we will put together a custom checklist of next steps. These will be key areas of focus for your organization to level up your cybersecurity and keep your data safe.

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